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Our mission

Being investors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we created something of value for us that we want you to benefit from as well. We are giving instruments and opportunities to people that want to use entrepreneurship as a tool to have an impact on the society.
We are trusted advisors to our investor’s and start-ups network and are building a border less and collaborative European Start-up Ecosystem for all stakeholders involved. With our network of open minded, amazing and supportive human beings, we take care about you and your business.

Our values

The European Startup Association is a growing community devoted to explore innovative approaches to entrepreneurship as a way of life. The community is based on 3Cs (culture, collaboration and creativity) – involving all stakeholders. Every member of the association brings value to it, and we want all members to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Culture – Learn how to be the best entrepreneur you can
Collaboration – Networking is one of the main pillars of innovation
Creativity – Find new ways to accomplish your goals

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