Meet our team members below that make
the European Startup Association possible

Christine Michaelis


I am the Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach, author, public speaker and workshop facilitator. I have worked in marketing and advertising for more than 12 years before I decided to start my own business supporting start-ups. Now I am mentoring start-ups and supporting businesses throughout Europe with my Creative Start-Up Academy. With my hands-on approach, I have helped hundreds of individuals validating their business idea and creating a successful start-up. I see entrepreneurship as a way of life and love the passion that comes from working in that industry. Connecting with amazing human beings and supporting everyone in our community feeds my purpose and makes me happy.

“You want to do something? Do it! You want to learn something? Learn it! Simple.”

Adriano Travaglia


I practiced 20 years as a lawyer and my areas of expertise are corporate law and tax with special emphasis on M&A operations. Finally I decided to put all my efforts to use my background and become an entrepreneur myself, so I have invested in ten start-ups in the last 5 years supporting them to define their business model and advising them for legal and financial aspects. In the past few years I participated in 3 European projects committed by a University to define and manage its planning, budgeting, dissemination and exploitation of results. I am deeply interested in what is related to innovation and can have an impact on society, that can support welfare and new smart services for communities and citizens.

“Find opportunities where other people don’t”

Fabiana Bienati

Marketing & Communication

Account, PR and social media explorer. Loving worker for events and networking in communities. I used to be a pragmatic person, but then I met some creative ones and started being much curious. I have a playlist for every occasion and every time I can I travel around the world looking for inspiring experiences. Just give me a goal to reach and I’ll be as much determined as I can, not forgetting to have fun.

“Anyway the wind blows”

Oksana Tesio

Graphic Design

A pencil, a palette full of oil colours, a pen tablet, the latest generation software: graphic tools for me have no secrets. Raised to Bread and Art Attack (thanks to G. Muciaccia), creativity is my craft and I face every new brief as only a ninja could do. Priestess of nonsense and nerd quotes, I will be able to give you the right advice on the TV series not to be missed and the movie of the moment. Italian by birth but of Ukrainian origin, I wear a pair of octagonal glasses to look at the world with different eyes and find inspiration for creating something new.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen”

Alessio Rizzolo

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Spreadsheet and web nerd by day, community manager and martial artist by night. Multi-monitor PCs are my domain and I can’t resist measuring all valuable data, optimizing every application and automating workflows. I will help you as best as I can, and if we organize something great, let me immortalize it with some good photos.

“If it ain’t broke, improve it!”

Magdalena Mahdy

Community Support

I am an international award-winning wedding photographer and co-founder of my own start-up called “The Weave” – your regional innovation facilitators. I also work as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the University of Essex, supporting young start-up students in realizing their dreams and starting a business. After working for over 6 years in the marketing industry, I’ve decided to follow my passions, relocated to the UK in 2011 in the search for a new challenge, and finally decided to setup and run my own business(es). I have never looked back. Being my own boss and helping others to achieve the same, brings me pure joy.

“Being an entrepreneur is not just something you do; it is who you are.”

Sümeyra Tansel


I am a freelance journalist who has covered politics and social issues for 10 years. I won the Journalism Achievement Award of the Turkish Journalism Association in 2016. In addition to my journalism work, I also worked as a communication specialist for big companies and organizations such as The Ritz Carlton Hotel (Istanbul) and Istanbul Technical University. I am a board member of the Newly Arrived Journalists Group of the Swedish Union Of Journalists (Journalistförbundet). I have a big curiosity towards the world and human beings. I love cinnamon rolls, having meaningful conversations, and dancing when I am alone.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”

Umberto Diecinove


I’m a videographer and a documentary photographer with 10+ years experience. My work is a journey through meanings, or – at least – this is my way of thinking it. I’ve been working with a variety of companies, institutions, architecture studios and individuals (most artists and musicians) all around Europe, and in the US too. Curious, dedicated, out-of-the-box thinker, sensitive, multidisciplinary, I’m always committed to the task.

“Lights, Camera, Action!”