Auralsmart Limited is a product company with a mission to build high quality easy to use audio and voice technology products. The first product that we are launching is theviewpod, which is a mobile app providing short audio NEWS summaries that users can listen to anytime, anywhere with just a click of a button. The users no longer have to navigate through the clutter on NEWS websites or apps and they can keep themselves up to date on the world events in just 10 minutes. The app also provides three interaction points for the users to express their feelings on a NEWS.


  • Customer Satisfaction – We aim to create easy to use audio technology products that customers will love to use.
  • Excellence – We aim to achieve highest quality for the products that we build.
  • Integrity – We seek honesty, ethics and sincerity in our dealings within the team, customers and everyone involved with us.
  • Teamwork – We value teamwork by supporting all the people involved with us.

Mission: To create high quality, easy to use audio and voice technology products

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