The electronic menu is a modern technological solution to familiarize guests with the offer of the catering facility. Classical ordering via the printed menu is still dominant, but more innovative caterers have succumbed to the impact of new technologies that offer faster and better service at lower costs. Food and beverage information is edited by restaurant owners through a web-based cloud-based web application. In addition to photos and videos for each dish, it is possible to display a brief history, recommendations, energy and nutritional value, guest comments, etc.
The guest can evaluate the quality of service in online mode, share with others their opinions about the restaurant, and evaluate the quality of the food. The analysis of guest reviews is important feedback, which is the basis for improvement, improvement of service, and quality of food.

Mission: Our mission is to create new standards in the Horeca sector exceeding expectations guests preferably in unexpected and useful ways.
Values: Integrity, Boldness, Honesty, Trust, Accountability, Commitment to Customers, Passion, Fun, Humility, Continuous Learning, Ownership, Constant Improvement, Leadership, Diversity, Innovation, Quality, Teamwork, Simplicity

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