POOL is a service that lets users subscribe to fashion instead of buying to own.
It’s like a wardrobe in the cloud – think Netflix for fashion.
We store, operate and extend the lifeline of the garments in our portfolio and service our initial community in Berlin with potential expansion to other European cities.


  • Circular and closed loop business foundation
  • Zero waste
  • Zero emissions
  • Collaborate, for holistic industry betterment
  • Anti ownership
  • Local city based

We all know how devastating consumerism is for the planet, but so far the solution has been more consumerism.
Instead of “sustainable” consumerism, we think the solution is to change our perception of what consumerism really is.
If we rent our clothes from a circular system instead of owning them, then we can try out new styles without the never-ending cycle of buying, selling and throwing away.
We imagine fashion as a service, where users subscribe to a platform that gives them a risk-free way of enjoying new clothes.

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