Persius is an AI & Machine learning based platform for helping Artists get recognized for their work, specifically by the target audience.
Upcoming Artists still struggle in reaching target audiences on online & traditional platforms as maximum visibility & art sales comes from established artists.
There is also a major disparity between earnings of Male & Female artists.
Hence, we provide this platform to match artists with art buyers/galleries & determine the potential of artwork by using AI and Deep learning algorithms combined with feedback received from Art Connoisseurs and Regular users
This Rating is based on several factors like aesthetic appeal, Artist’s story, provenance and many more data points & inferences which does not include Artist’s background or Gender.

Values: We believe that innovation is key in meeting the demands of the fast changing Art market & that’s what we excel in. Persius believes in enabling Artists to control their future.

Mission : Our vision is to provide a platform for all creative works, be it Fine Art, Sculpting, Photography, etc, where Artists can get recognized & also monetize in unique ways.

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