Nutritech solutions

Nutritech solutions

An innovative mobile health app that calculates patients nutritional and medicinal requirements in a faster,effective and efficient manner, the prototype was developed with 4 medical conditions i.e diabetes, Malnutrition, Renal conditions and liver conditions and the app was confirmed to be 3000% faster in intervention implementation, the innovation tackles all medical conditions and as a start up we pay attention to Non communicable diseases and COVID-19, with the MVP having huge success on testing.


  1. Integrity – We are open and ethical as we carry our day to day tasks
  2. Respect – We regard our patients and health care givers as a cornerstone of our goals
  3. A will to save lives – As a start up our aim to save lives and hence willing to do all to achieve our goals

To reduce patients death both at clinical and community levels affiliated to all diseases, achieving 100% patient recovery and safeguarding global public health.

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