Mimirium Ltd. is a technological startup focused on blockchain, cryptography and big data product development founded in Varna, Bulgaria in 2018 by Galin Dinkov and Georgi Hristov. Company’s main product is Mimirium Network – an ecosystem of tools for data collection and analysis, distributed computational and anonymization network.
Its main focus is in the user’s privacy and data correctness and quality.
It is the only big data solution really giving full control of the data to the end-users thus being 100% GDPR compliant.
Mimirium utilizes novel technologies such as homomorphic encryption, blockchain and smart contracts.

Values: We want to give a solution to this issue by protecting the personal data of our users, and at the same time, allowing companies to do market studies, fulfilling the GDPR.
We believe that owning and managing your own data must be a fundamental right, no matter if the data is in the real or digital world.
We have to be sure that we can control our digital identities and all data we generate.
We have to be sure that we receive a fair reward for our time and attention.

Mission: To provide both users and businesses more fairness and value exchanging their data.

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