LinCo is the first Italian digital platform, established at end of 2019, that wants to aggregate a network of selected independent professionals, with managerial or technical profile. The LinCo project was born from the need to ensure agility in the sourcing of companies. LinCo, through its platform, in fact wants to create an external network of professionals, available to companies that need “on-demand” skills.
LinCo was born from the observation of two main macro-trends. The first trend has to do with the growth in the so-called Open Talent Economy and the number of self-employed workers in the world in recent years.
Here among other things, Italy plays an important role, being already today the first country in Europe for absolute number of independent workers. The other current trend is that of “skill-shortage” (highlighted by a ManPowerGroup research “Solving the Talent Shortage” – 2018), which highlights the difficulty of companies in finding skills, especially in the STEM area (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) ). LinCo was born with this in mind, with the aim of facilitating the meeting between supply and demand of services offered by selected top freelancers and thus trying to mitigate the lack of skills sought by companies.
From an operational point of view, companies that need a service, enter the request digitally on the platform and LinCo selects from 2 to 4 profiles of affiliated professionals who represent the perfect match with respect to the request and proposes the shortlist of candidates to the customer. Once the right candidate has been selected, LinCo supports contractualization between the parties.

Values: LinCo aims at optimizing the labor market, making more quick and efficient the match of demand and offer of business skills
Mission: LinCo aims a becoming the channel of preference for companies needing business support from top, selected freelances

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