Kopply makes a contact management platform for professional networkers that combines all your existing contact information in one place and helps you to organize and maintain it from there.
Unorganized, incomplete and outdated contact information costs professional networkers time, money and is the cause for many missed opportunities.
Therefore Kopply aims to build a service with the most accurate contact information possible.

To enable people to stay connected.


  • Our mantra: Treat your fellow human beings as you want to be treated.
  • Be open. You are in the centre of our product development. We strive to build a product that you love. This means that we listen carefully to what you tell us and appreciate any kind of feedback.
  • Be passionate. We do our best to deliver the greatest experience to you and if something goes wrong, we take immediate action to solve the problem fast. Creating value for you is in our interest!
  • Be fair. Kopply stands for transparency and responsibility. We take our business seriously and give our best to protect your data and build a trustful relationship with our customers. We behave and do things in a way you would expect from a good friend.
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