Kelwyn Looi

Kelwyn Looi

Mentor on: Finance & Investments, Food & Beverage, Gaming

Kelwyn Looi is a multi-faceted education and corporate innovation professional with strategy, operations and product experience across a number of sectors, including Venture Capital, Sports, TMT, Entertainment and Financial Services.
His current meta is focused on equipping himself with a number of diverse skills and uniquely identifiable experiences, in order to be resistant to economic cycles and political change.
Kelwyn is currently exploring consultancy opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures and various exciting gigs.
More to come soon…

Kelwyn is currently Head of Programme at Campus Capital, a VC firm that builds early stage, high growth investment funds in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities.
He is also a Partner at Supa Network, where we aim to nurture, partner and connect brands with young talent.

Kelwyn’s most recent corporate experience was setting up the new Chief Strategy Office at Pearson, reporting directly to the CSO.
He previously led a commercially-focused, executive-sponsored, Special Project for Pearson, around Employability and Skills, reporting directly to another Pearson Executive.

Kelwyn previously worked under Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Advisor at Pearson, the world’s largest education company.
He is one of the pioneers behind the company’s Global Efficacy Agenda, from adoption as a strategy to practical implementation, at the most challenging time in the company’s history.
Prior to Pearson, he worked for two of the world’s leading brands: M&A Advisors Rothschild, and Manchester United Football Club in a Commercial Strategy role.

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