John Purkiss

John Purkiss

John Purkiss studied economics at Cambridge University, worked in banking and management consultancy, and completed his MBA at INSEAD.
He then suffered and recovered from clinical depression.
A few years later, while running his own business in Paris, he learned mindfulness – apparently by accident.
His intuition (‘immediate insight without reasoning’) suddenly became much stronger.
Six months later he joined one of the world’s largest executive search firms, where he recruited for a wide range of technology companies.
Since then, John has learned many other techniques from the Eastern spiritual traditions.
He found that everything that works involves letting go.
John has written three published books: How To Be Headhunted, Brand You and The Power of Letting Go.
He has made a dozen angel investments and has served on the boards of two of them.
John is now a partner with August Leadership – a fast-growing global executive search firm.

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