Harpal Dhatt

Harpal Dhatt

Author, psychologist, visiting lecturer, coach, facilitator, server of kindness

Writing a book which is a collection of ‘A to Z of Kindness Recipes -Intentional acts of kindness’ that are being served to improve the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the of the British Psychological Society, registered with the Health & Care Professions Council as an Occupational Psychologist.
She has spent the past two decades studying human behaviour and understanding about people development.

The things that energise her from the Strengths Profile is ‘Mission’ she derives great fulfilment from doing things that give life meaning and purpose.
‘Gratitude’ she notices and appreciates the good things that happen.
‘Moral Compass’ her decisions and actions are guided by ethics and values.
‘Unconditionality’ to accept and respect people for who they are.
‘Emotional Awareness’ paying close attention to how people feel.
‘Growth’ seeking out activities, skills, knowledge, or new ways of working that will help to grow.
‘Service’ compelled to help people as much as she can.
‘Relationship Deepener’ building close relationships with people is very important.

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