Foldink is an innovative Biotech Startup.
We focus on the development of 3D Bioprinting Technology.
We develop and offer Bioprinters, Bio-inks and other necessary equipment materials to biomedical scientists from all over the world.
We believe that this will help them to establish this cutting-edge technology in their laboratories.
Our Bio-inks could be applied to different 3D Bioprinters to fabricate a wide range of tissues.
Collaborating with laboratories and research institutions, we are conducting research to reach the clinical application of 3D Bioprinting.

Unique team culture, honesty, perseverance, customer-oriented, constant learning, accountability, thinking outside the box, cooperation

Our goal is to help scientists from all over the world to create living tissues and vascularized organs in laboratory conditions by using 3D Bioprinting approach.
The access to this innovative technology for every lab and scientist, which will lead to a more rapid development of 3D Bioprinting Technology, is our main goal.
Introducing the groundbreaking and exceptional technology of 3D Bioprinting to every scientist and making it available to everyone for a better and faster future.

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