A mobile application that helps users to get an effective workout.
To provide this the app uses machine learning to generate a personal workout plan, based on individual physical abilities and previous results users.
We provide the user with a solution to get complicated workout plans.
The application independently monitors the results and makes adjustments.
Unlike competitors, we provide a solution that can calculate dietary data in the context of the training plan, give the user tips and even order food in the restaurant that is suitable for a personal daily nutrition plan.
The application not only calculates the results but also provides the opportunity to share them with friends.

We work for the client. We anticipate the user’s needs. We respond promptly. We pay great attention to quality. There are no unsolvable tasks for us. We are for automation. We introduce innovations. We act proactively. We make the complex simple and understandable. We achieve results as a team. We are constantly developing and helping others to develop.

We want to give people the ability to monitor their health.
We give them an understanding that this is simple and affordable.
From Seattle to Beijing, people need to know that the only way to be healthy, sturdy, and energetic is to make sports a part of their life.

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