Traditional dental mirrors will be replaced by a 3D camera in the left hand that is connected to an intermediate device in the form of a computer, and the actual image of the oral cavity status is displayed on a head-mounted display in front of the doctor’s field of view. Due to the increased field of view and the cleaning system that allows the 3D image to be displayed smoothly, it enables dentists faster and more accurate work, while on the other hand, the patient gets safer, more efficient and better service. Our system replaces the dental monitor which is cumbersome, and provides clearer illumination, better resolution, and even when placing the patient on a work chair, the large monitor doesn’t bother us. Enamel One offers a front view, a larger and more crystalline field of view, and an oral cavity view that the doctor wants.

Values: Our core values ​​put our users/customers first. We strive to develop devices from their feedback that will greatly facilitate their work. Also, the first place is shared by our team, we recognize our employees as one of our most important assets. We aim to create a positive working atmosphere nurturing personal development and job satisfaction. We are committed to striving for excellence, which benefits our customers, our company and employees.

Mission: Our mission is to create innovative devices with the aim of better identifying customer needs and to develop the highest quality hardware and software components. We would like to be a tech company that is developing innovative technology solutions for dentists – striving to increase productivity, improve their health and reduce work complications.

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