Context Culture

Context Culture

Context is a cultural education tool that uses AI and stories to teach users about the cultures they’re likely to encounter.
By going beyond the lists, videos and impersonal in-person training of existing solutions, our solution puts users in the context of the situations that are most important, and gives them a strong base to learn about both the culture of focus and their own cultural identity.

Company mission: To lift the baseline of understanding across cultures and individuals in order to achieve greater goals as a global community.

Company vision:

  • Creating an environment of free-flowing feedback and discussion, allowing for non-hierarchal collaboration
  • Personal and career development through unique experiences offered by the company
  • Constant emotional and career support both within the organisation and outside of working hours
  • Constant collaboration to create a strong but agile company culture
  • Zero tolerance for racism, xenophobia, gender inequality or discrimination due to sexual orientation
  • Consistency in our beliefs and ethics across the organisation, working in a morally responsible way at all times
  • To develop a clear culture of awareness, respect and humility, allowing for open discussions of values at any time
  • To recognise both stakeholders and shareholders as equals
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