Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing & utilising business cards, whilst helping reduce paper waste globally.
Our platform is more than just a business card scanner, Contapp becomes your personal business hub.
With cutting-edge innovation and a core focus on bringing added value to business-minded professionals, our user-friendly mobile app aims to be the ‘must-have’ business tool for people in business.
We have a very exciting roadmap ahead for a bootstrapped tech startup.
As well as adding more features and languages into the card scanning feature, we will be building a streamlined CRM platform (but not like you know it), with powerful integrations from leading softwares.

Mission: Providing added value to all of our users worldwide, with a user-friendly business tool that improves convenience, productivity and easier management of business contacts, via a streamlined application.
Whilst providing users with a business tool that becomes integrated into their everyday work life, Contapp and our community continue to wave the flag of reducing paper waste globally. Together, we will tackle this global issue as best as we can, saving the planet and making business easier and business-minded professional more connected, via Contapp.

Vision: As a company, we want to be be the solution that reduces paper waste in business environments, through maximising the use of business cards in the digital age.
We strive to add value to individuals and businesses, which is why we develop our platform and encourage users’ feedback for all improvements.
Our community and corporate social responsibility to help do more for the plant, are both at the heart of Contapp.

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