Blackhawke Behavior Science

Blackhawke Behavior Science

We work with investors and incubators to assess the leaders of their current and prospective portfolio companies. Armed with this intelligence, we mitigate risk, address conflict and maximize performance. We also work with entrepreneurs to assess their assets and liabilities and then support them in applying those insights to enhance their individual and team performance and drive their startup company’s success.


  • Collaborate with Alignment and Cohesion
  • Just Be You
  • Communicate Candidly
  • Create Extraordinary Value
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Persistently Challenge the Status Quo
  • Rely on Science, Data, and Logic
  • Launch the Future

Blackhawke’s core mission is to diversify the entrepreneurial ecosystem and expand opportunities available for marginalized groups to create a just system. Through providing systematic methods to help investors make people-based decisions, we can remove the unconscious biases that contribute to these inequalities.

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