Bikes are here to stay. Since the production of the first commercial velocipede with a wheel brake in 1871, love for biking has spread all over the world. From the first cycling clubs that flourished in the USA and the UK during the 19th century, the biking community has grown into a global phenomenon. Bikes are used nowadays for commuting, transportation and sport purposes, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Every 30 seconds a bike is stolen in Italy. Bikers fear of theft creates big friction to everyday usage and customers buy less expensive bicycles. Join the community and protect your bike Register, Download the BIKEBEE app and Protect your bike with BIKEBEE’s products. We want less polluted and less noisy cities where biking is safe and stress-free.

Values: We believe our life is not sustainable as is now, we need to better our behavior what to make a difference in the environment and leave a better place to our sons and grandsons for them to live.

Mission: BIKEBEE aims to educate, raise awareness and promote the daily use of sustainable means by citizens to improve the quality of life in inhabited centers, noise, atmospheric and olfactory pollution, as well as stress and the risk of disease.

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