Property owners and operators do not want to suffer property damages and business interruptions. Insurers do not want to receive claims for losses. Balkerne’s platform provides comprehensive and live property specific risk information to empower property owners and operators to understand risk and prompt the taking of appropriate action to mitigate it, both in the long term and immediate contexts. The platform enables the reduction of the scale and frequency of damages, interruptions and insurance claims, whilst also enhancing customer relationships and loyalty and ultimately profitability. Balkerne has Version 1 of the Platform and a customer from the FTSE 100.

Values: Innovation is core of everything we do. Group decision making through discussion and transparency. Attention to detail, the little issues matter. Continual growth and development, both as a company and as individuals. Put the customer first, always do what is right in the short term to achieve the long term benefits.
Mission: To evolve Balkerne as a technology company, to a position of being an admired provider of innovative technology that enables mutual benefit to property owners, insurers and brokers in reducing the frequency and scale of loss.

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